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Hey! My name is Hemant.

StartAWebsiteHub.com started to help people who want to start a website or first blog, but cannot establish an online business due to lack of knowledge. So they are unable to earn extra money and fund their lifestyle.

Many people work 50+ hours a week and never see their kids grow up or spend time with them. Those people give up the childhood of their children for the job and because of low salaries, they are not able to buy good things in life.

I was there. 35 years old and working in a dead-end job, trying to support my family. I play with my kids only on Sunday when I had a day off. I was unable to spend some valuable time with my wife, kids, and parents.

I had a keen interest in website designing and digital marketing. One day I watched some top digital marketer videos on Youtube, they are very famous in this digital marketing. And I am sure if you have ever read about blogging or SEO then you might know about Brian Dean & Neil Patel.

Then I thought if they can do then why I can’t. I started researching more on blogging then I realized that I could make a lot of money through blogging and online websites.

I started covering various topics from blogging basics to advanced techniques for beginners and the intermediate use such as “how to get more traffic on your blog or making more money from the blog

If you are also wanted to start a blog but don’t know how to start and where to start then you are at the right place. You will find all the information on my blog and newsletter without any cost. 100% FREE.

About Hemant

Hemant Startawebsitehub home page

Hi, I’m Hemant Kumar, 38 years old full-time blogger and Affiliate Marketer from Delhi, India. I launched StartaWebsiteHub on 20th May 2021 to help people who want to earn money online from blogging.

I have an Advanced Diploma in Multimedia and started my 3D Animation journey in 2006. Due to my keen interest in the Internet, I started my first website in 2008 for providing 3d animation services to clients.

At that time I designed my website and did SEO on my own after learning WordPress and link building etc.

I launched many new websites till today and face different types of problems and overcome those issues with my tactic.

I have done a job as 3D Artist from 2006 to 2019 for getting a regular monthly income because I am also from a middle-class family.

Finally, I left my job in August 2019 and started full-time blogging and affiliate marketing.

From 2008 to 2021 – in my 13 years of Website Designing & SEO marketing, I’ve seen many ups and downs in SEO and blogging. I’m here to teach you all strategies I use to make $1000+ per month from my blog.

My blog is built on WordPress (self-hosted). I currently use Rehub, a premium WordPress theme.

If you are a beginner, then I personally recommend Bluehost hosting for the blog. It is cheap, safe, reliable, and easy to use with 24×7 support. Plus you will get a Free Domain when you sign up. Use my link to get a Special hosting offer for just $2.65 per month.

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