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Liquid Web Review 2022 – Premium Hosting with 100% Uptime

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Liquid Web Hosting Review 2022

Liquid Web is a Managed VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Servers provider. While the plan that the company is providing, not the cheapest but you’ll get what you pay for in performance and always-there Heroic Support. If you want powerful performance with premier experts in your corner then Liquid Web is the perfect hosting for your website.

Ease of Use
Customer Support
  • Powerful VPS, Dedicated & Reseller Hosting
  • Amazing Customer Support
  • 100% Uptime
  • Global SSL Certificate included with all Plans
  • Free Site Migration
  • 14 Days Free Trial without Credit Card
  • No Shared Hosting Plans
  • Very Expensive for Beginners

Overview Of Liquid Web- In our Liquid Web Review, before going deep we are showing the overview of Liquid Web Hosting to make it easy and clearer. In 1997, Liquid Web has become the leader in Managed VPS hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated Server hosting. It is well established and popular managed WordPress hosting provider with attractive plans. Liquid Web hosting is famous for its fast and high-quality support. It provides a lot of features with reasonable price, high speed, good performance, and hassle-free hosting solutions.

Liquid Web hosting offers VPS, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated server hosting. Mainly small businesses prefer Shared hosting for its effective price and well performance. But there is something to said about VPS. There are many cases where VPS can solve an issue where Shared hosting can’t able to cover up.  

Here are some quick stats about Liquid Web:

  • A million sites under management.
  • Over 30,000 customers in more than 130 countries. 
  • Over 500 hosting professionals were employed to deliver the services.
  • They host sites for big brands, including National Geographic, FedEx, and Motorola.
  • The Net Promoter Score of Liquid Web ranks it as one of the world’s most-loved brands.

So, before you invest your money in Liquid Web hosting, we want you to know everything that you’re getting into.

General Info & Hosting Overview

SPEED:338 ms (April 2020 to March 2021)
UPTIME:>99.99% (April 2020 to March 2021)
SUPPORT:24/7 Live Chat, Phone, Helpdesk, Knowledge Base
APPS:InterWorx, cPanel Pro, Plesk Web Pro
FEATURES:Solid State Drives, Gigabit Bandwidth, Integrated Firewall, DDos Attack Protection, Cloudflare CDN, SSL Certificates, Built-In Backups, One-Click App Installs, and more.
HOSTING PLANS:VPS, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, CMS, and eCommerce Hosting
PRICING:Starting at $12.67/mo (With Annual payment)

In Liquid Web Hosting Review, we are showing you all the information that we have gathered after using their server for 12 months. We have covered all the pros and cons of Liquid Web hosting.

Liquid Web Review

Pros Of Using Liquid Web Hosting

Liquid Web Hosting has many perks so one by one we will discuss it. 


Most of the company claims 99.9% because you can’t account things like a natural disaster. But surprisingly Liquid Web claims to have an average uptime of 100%.

Claiming 100% average uptime is something which we never expected so we tested this on ourselves. We build a website on a hosting platform and monitor it for several months. As per their promise of >99.9% average uptime with only 11 minutes downtown.

liquid web hosting uptime report

And yes, they perfectly stand on their words with almost 100% average uptime, except January where uptime is 99.9% 

Here’s the last 12-months average uptime: 

  • March 2021: 100%
  • February 2021: 100%
  • January 2021: 99.99% 
  • December 2020: 100%
  • November 2020: 100%
  • October 2020: 100%
  • September 2020: 100%
  • August 2020: 100%
  • July 2020: 100%
  • June 2020: 100%
  • May 2020: 100%
  • April 2020: 100%


Now to the most important performance indicator is speed. A faster website means a good SEO ranking. If it takes one to three seconds to load a website. That means, if a page takes a longer time to load, then there are more likely visitors will leave. And that’s the only way how speed can affect your website.

Liquid Web claims a lot of things in regards to the speed of the site that is the host. It claims 200% faster than Digital Ocean, AWS, and Rackspace. For our detailed Liquid Web review, we also did a test on speed to find out how fast Liquid Web is on the loading page.

liquidweb speed test
source: hostingfacts.com

Again, Liquid Web keeps its promises with an average loading speed of 338ms which is the most important thing of web hosting.

Pricing and Plans 

Liquid Web is very much specialized when it comes to Plans with features. They offer fully Managed VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. They also offer Enterprise and Custom Solutions.

Unlike other managed WordPress hosting providers, there are no limits on the number of visitors. The premium WordPress hosting is specialized for WordPress.

All plans include:

  • Pre-installed WordPress
  • Automatic WordPress updates 
  • Automatic backups and one-click backup restore 
  • Choice of Liquid Web’s WordPress Dashboard, iThemes Sync Pro, or cPanel with WP-CLI/SSH Access
  • One-click staging sites (available with the WordPress dashboard only) 
  • Free SSL certificates 
  • Free migration
Plan NameDisk SpaceBandwidthMonthly Price
Personal WordPress Plan30 GB SSD5 TB$69.00
Beginner WooCommerce PlanUnlimited Products150 Transactions/mo.$39.00
Cloud VPS50 GB SSD10 TB$59.00
Cloud Dedicated8 GB RAM2X1 TB SATA RAID 1$149.00
Private Cloud$510

For Cloud Hosting, you can choose Managed Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Cloud Hosting, or Cloud Website for Designers and Web Professionals. Their Cloud Hosting plans are built on their Storm platform which includes SSD drives, SSD Cloudflare CDN, built-in backups, Enhanced Security, and DDoS protection. Moreover, Cloud hosting plans also include instant provisioning and daily billing, so you can adjust your plan according to your use and only pay that.

Except for Cloud VPS hosting and Dedicated Servers of Liquid Web, we are also focusing on Managed WordPress Hosting service in our Liquid Web Review.

The WordPress hosting plans of Liquid Web starting at $19 a month, or $190 a year if the user chooses to pay annually, and all plans include a monthly bandwidth allowance of 5 TB:

  • Spark: $19 a month for one WordPress website and 15 GB of SSD storage. Annually $190.
  • Maker: $79 a month for up to five WordPress websites and 40 GB of SSD storage. Annually $790.
  • Designer: $109 a month for up to 10 WordPress websites and 60 GB of SSD storage. Annually $1090.
  • Builder: $149 a month for up to 25 WordPress websites and 100 GB of SSD storage. Annually $1490.
  • Producer: $299 a month for up to 50 WordPress websites and 300 GB of SSD storage. Annually $2990.
  • Executive: $549 a month for up to 100 WordPress websites and 500 GB of SSD storage. Annually $5490.
  • Enterprise: $999 a month for up to 250 WordPress websites and 800 GB of SSD storage. Annually $9990.

Liquid Web also has Managed WooCommerce hosting for those who are engaged in creating online shops with WordPress. Users can install WooCommerce and other eCommerce plugins on the regular managed hosting plans. But the main selling point of the WooCommerce plans is that they’ve been optimized especially for eCommerce stores and their libraries of products are comparatively larger than others, while also including a few extra eCommerce-related features.

Customer Service

In the Liquid Web portal, there are three forms of customer service.

  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Phone
  • Helpdesk
liquid web customer support

The fastest and effective means of communication is Live chat. According to a live chat study, 51% of people voted for Live chat as it is easy and effective in understanding.

liquid web live chat

In Liquid Web Review, we are showing you the live chat where we are using it ourselves. And we got a positive and fast Customer Support experience. In your comfort, you can choose any one option among three customer supports.

Liquid Web Features

Here we are comparing Liquid Web with other hosting providers.

jnYD524X9XWdJ0YkjWstTQ0s53GyZRQcmHWEoaKPa9uAw35 JlggldLAqey 582l6Z Kf h2ZMiJe9QEBTR0JXzNZCeSos6g nVk TXz5eZZFXSntAeT7WsADgoa Ch0KX85BD6YGN4yOQrgUwDigital Ocean logoDWwvLFfidgEWbegK2WR1VIelMLTQuAGGVzG7UdOcA4KdiKKic9O4yqXjZQlZJTxfZSJOn9bAW i4ib7Ql5Dx oyO2STf6WudZcsVvDcOb5c99rIKRbJt6 f3V9YPdUjmXbNlWsjBahdGP ZF A
Fully ManagedYesYesNo
Full Server Stack SupportYesMinimum $500/Month SpendNo
24/7/365 Support IncludedYesYes, Ticket OnlyYes
Support Request SLA59 Seconds or Less for Phone or Chat; 59 minutes for emailUnpublished; Additional Fee for 30 Minute Response GuaranteeNone
Web Hosting Control Panels IncludedInterWorx, cPanel/WHM, and Plesk are offered and fully managedAvailable Through DigitalOcean MarketplacecPanel
Performance OptimizationYesNoNo
Service MonitoringYesNoYes
Proactive MonitoringYesNoNo
Included Outgoing Bandwidth10 GB for VPS
5 GB for Dedicated
100% Network Uptime GuaranteeYes99.99%99.90%
100% Power Uptime GuaranteeYes99.99%99.90%
SLA Remedy1000%Refund for Lost Time at Hourly Rate1 Month Refund
Virtual Private Servers (VPS)YesYesNo
Physical Dedicated ServersYesNoNo
Email HostingYesNoNo
Partner ProgramsYesYesNo
Management ToolsYesYesNo
Predictable BillingYes, MonthlyNo, Priced Per UseYes, Monthly
Migrations IncludedYesNoYes, Within 30 Days of Signup or Upgrade
Backups IncludedYesYesWeekly

Free Email Accounts

When running a business, it is important to have correspondence via Email with Colleagues, Customers, Partners, Vendors, and more. In long term, a branded Email address that matches the user’s website domain goes well toward establishing the user’s brand identity; and gradually and firmly building a sense of professionalism and confidence in the minds of those you interact with.

You feel good to hear that branded email accounts come free with Liquid Web’s VPS service. These accounts are managed through the Liquid Web control panel.

Free SSL Security

An SSL Certificate is necessary to have for every user which indicates whether the website of the user is an HTTP or HTTPS site. Google labels HTTPS sites as secured, whereas HTTP is mostly unsecured and vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Like for example if anyone is scanning your website, they can steal your customer’s sensitive information, like email addresses, passwords, credit card details, etc. That’s why it’s important to have an SSL encrypted website.

And the good part is basic SSL is free and comes installed by the Liquid Web support team 


A large number of users see reviews of Liquid Web hosting. If anyone is not satisfied with the present hosting provider then the user can change the hosting provider. Switch to Liquid Web is the easy way to move from one host to another.

That is something Liquid Web offers as a free service.

Liquid Web subscribers can get both internal and external migration for their sites. 

Control Panel Selection and Dashboard

Liquid Web has three control panels to choose from – Plesk, InterWorx, and cPanel. All of these plans are already included in the pricing but only if the user chooses the annual or biannual option but if the user chooses the monthly plan, you would have to pay $10/month for InterWox and $17/month for cPanel and Plesk. 

Liquid web vps hosting control panels

Overall, their custom control panel is easy to use and by this user can manage their account settings, backups, domains, billings, and other hosting-related services.

Cons of using Liquid Web Hosting

Now coming to the part where you must need to know to stay alert.

Free Domain is not included 

One prevalent free service that almost all hosting providers offer is a Free Website Domain

Unfortunately, that is not included with any of the VPS plans offered by Liquid Web. 

So, on top of an already expensive service, Liquid Web has added expense ($15/year) which is not suitable for beginners or people who have a minimum budget.

Expensive Pricing

If you see in other hosting providers the starting price is $(2-3)/month, the cheapest plan and during the renewal, the price starts at $8.99 per month. But in Liquid Web, it directly jumps at $15 per month.

If you’re thinking to sign up for a year, the price would be $35/month and the monthly option would cost you $59/month.

No Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is very much affordable for small businesses and Start-ups.

Unfortunately, Liquid Web has no option for Shared hosting, with VPS being the most entry-level service available. Somewhere, we feel as Liquid Web is limiting its reach by pricing for smaller businesses out there. 


In Liquid Web Review, if you come up with this then you surely understand how cool is the Liquid Web. It has amazing features with good Uptime and speed. It is famous for its Heroic support. Liquid Web Review is known for its wonderful VPS plans.

Now coming to the thing ‘Is it good for your site?’. Unless you are a part of small businesses or start-ups, this hosting is very good. As, for their high price comparative to others, it becomes very difficult to afford for the owner of small business. For those who use more than one site and want more than normal basic Shared hosting, then Liquid Web is the ideal choice. 


If Liquid Web doesn’t come up perfect for you, consider Nexcess, Cloudways, Rocket.net. Each of these hosts offers full-featured packages that will get you up and running quickly. And they have some cheaper, less resource-intense options good for beginners.

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FAQ – Liquid Web Review 2022

Does Liquid Web charge for Site Migration?

Liquid Web offers free migration for their subscribers. If we want an established website on another hosting platform, but we’re looking for a change. We don’t want to just toss your website out and start over. We need migration to move the site from one host to another. Liquid Web offers a free migration service. Liquid Web users can get both internal and external migration for their sites. Liquid Web has a great article about their migration process on the company’s official website.

Where are Liquid Web’s Servers located?

Liquid Web provides cloud and managed hosting and it delivers IT solutions to users in North America and Europe. The company operates a handful of data centres located in Lansing, Phoenix, and Amsterdam. Liquid Web is serving more than 32,000 customers spanning 150 countries.

Liquid Web data centers are located in: – 
US-central: Lansing, MI
US-west: Phoenix, AZ 
EU-central: Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Does Liquid Web offer a Free Trial?

Yes, Liquid Web does provide Free Trials for their clients. If you want more information about Liquid Web’s free trial, click on their customer service page here.

Go to the Liquid Web website.
Then, click on the ‘Get Started’ button.
We can see a list of Liquid Web’s plans.
If we want to take the free trial then click the small ‘Free 14-day Trial’ link just above the ‘Get Started’ button for the Spark plan.
We won’t need to enter any payment details until your 14-day free trial is over. Means no Credit Card details required.

What is Liquid Web’s uptime guarantee?

Liquid Web is a global hosting company. Liquid Web has 10 global data centres. At present, they are managing more than 500,000 sites. Liquid Web provides VPS, Cloud, and Dedicated Server & Shared hosting services. Liquid Web is famous for small businesses shared hosting due to its effective cost and good performance.

Liquid Web claims to have an average uptime of 100%. Most hosting providers will guarantee an uptime of 99.9% because you can’t account for things like natural disasters. Overall uptime of Liquid Web is good and it has been 99.998%. This performance is done by building a website on the hosting platform and monitoring its uptime for several months. And in 2020, Liquid Web’s uptime has been as promised >99.99%, with only 11 minutes of downtime. Liquid Web provides a perfect 100% uptime almost every month, except January 2021 where the uptime was 99.99%.

Total customer tickets resolved: 6,671.
Total network devices monitored: 3,374. 
Total network devices replaced: 362.

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